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we're partners in crime, cinephiles, coffe lovers, photographers, mom and dad of 2 cats and 1 doggie, we're passionate people, we shoot digital and film. We're Estefany and evany and would love to hear your story.

YES! There's two of us! that means you will get two different viewpoints. We shoot together so we can cover your day in a balance way, we can be everywhere and get more details and moments. Evany has a documentary point of view. Estefany always goes for the intimacy and spontaneousness. We both met at that point when photography was a curiosity and a form of expression, and still do, we keep that artistic way to create, we like to get involved so we can transmit that intimacy and genuine moments between the two of you and your beloved ones.

We've been photographing love and life around 6 years, we always seek for those moments full of happiness, those in between candid moments, creating a unique atmosphere for every couple. We embrace our couples to be themselves, to live the present and to enjoy their day. No matter if it's an elopement, intimate wedding or a big event, we truly believe in beauty and the impact of this through time, so you having the blast of your life with your family and friends is something we're looking for, there's nothing more worthy to capture than you two loving to each other.

If you enjoy our work and are interested in us being a part of your wedding, drop us a line at

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